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October 2020


Return to Accessible Travel

What does accessible travel look like in a Covid-19  world for people with disabilities? Wheelchair users and travel experts make some sense out of the new hurtles and realities of traveling.


Access the World Via International Exchange

Studying abroad is an exciting option that is more viable than ever for wheelchair users, thanks to an array of scholarships and programs.

Embracing Power

Switching from a manual to a power wheelchair is a nonstarter for many wheelers, but it can be the best — or the only — move.

A Year to Employment

From the Sofa to the Workforce: Can a Diversity Employment Nonprofit Learn to Include Wheelchair Users?


Financial Entrepreneur Shawnique Cotton

Shawnique is pushing through health setbacks to make her first million dollars and help others reach financial self-sufficiency.

Thoughts on Best-Fit Computer Tech

In the fight against the machine, we have more technology options than ever to help us win the battles.

Fires to the East and West

I’ve written and edited numerous stories dealing with disasters. None of that prepared me for seeing the valley to the south­west glowing with flame.

Pathways To Employment

The first “Future of Work” event on Oct. 29 will focus on highlighting solutions that solve barriers to work and workplace complications.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Looks to Advance Thought-Controlled Electronics

Neuralink is preparing to begin trials with SCI users.

Three Leaders Awarded $1 Million Neilsen Visionary Prize

Three SCI community leaders were awarded the $1 million Nielsen Visionary prize.


What to Watch: Cooking in a Wheelchair

New YouTube show, "Cooking in a Wheelchair," features "low-effort" meals.

When Dysreflexia Calls

Here comes autonomic dysreflexia. You know that feeling … for me it’s a little bit of metal in the mouth, a little bit of tingling on the back of your head … its AD on its way.

Wheelchair Users in Space! An Interview with the creator of ‘Away’

The hit Netflix series "Away" showcases authentic wheelchair users and experiences.

Other Recent Articles

Meet in the Middle: COVID Travel Compromise

Here are four tips for hitting the road in the middle of a pandemic.

We’ve Been Here Before

Normally, I’d have spent the last few months tracking spinal cord injury research. Call it all to a halt.

Wheelchair Confidential: Fire Alarmed

I attended a crowded Friday evening event on the fourth floor of a newly-remodeled, century-old building. On the way up, it felt novel to be ...

Safeish Travels During COVID

Here is what I did to prepare, how things actually went and what I learned from being forced to travel during the pandemic.

News October 2020

Disability Goes Partisan. One Million Dollars! Cooking in a Wheelchair. Disability Friendly Colleges. The Cyborgs Are All in Your Head. Keep Staring.

Pandemic ‘Success’

Finding ways to stay sane is more important than ever, and to my surprise, I’m finding solace in my nightly writing.

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