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New Mobility Magazine

See the latest articles on topics related to someone using a wheelchair. 

March 2020


Sports Chairs Come Of Age

We take a look at the current crop of specialized sports chairs, the sports they're designed for and the players who use them.


The Rise of Power Soccer

How power soccer has grown into a high-level international sport.

Crip Camp

Disability was front and center like never before at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Here is the behind-the-scenes scoop.

Morocco From a Wheelchair (and a Camel)

Whether you dream of riding through the desert atop a camel or camping in an accessible oasis in the sand, Cory Lee Woodard has you covered.


Hacking a Home, Part II

My wife and I are building our own accessible home, and we finally have something to show for all the money we’re spending.

Political Activist Tucker Cassidy

Tucker Cassidy has been interested in politics since the age of 5. In 2016, Cassidy, a C4-5 quadriplegic, rolled into the fray and became, in his words, “the tip of the spear.”

Grab-a-Vert: The Game

I’ve taken part in so many cripple political protests that I’ve run out of appendages on which to tabulate them.

André Kajlich and Team of Disabled Adventurers Attempting to Summit Aconcagua

The team is trekking from the lowest to the highest point in South

William Wachtel: Access is a Civil Right

William Wachtel is a rock-solid supporter and ally of disability rights and United Spinal Association.

Supreme Court Allows Public Charge Rule Targeting Disabled Immigrants to Move Forward

Advocates argue the rule is "illegal disability discrimination."


New Mobility is Recruiting

We are looking for a Circulation Manager/Audience Development Specialist to join our team at New Mobility magazine.

My Smart Friends

It sometimes takes a village of humans and gadgets combined to ensure different levels of independence in our homes and lives.

Hilarious Ableist Tendencies in Chat Rooms

This sexy para enjoys chat rooms, but she doesn't always enjoy the assumptions of her chat mates.

Other Recent Articles

Behind the Scenes at Sundance

his year the Sundance Film Festival’s new Press Inclusion Initiative offered stipends to help load Park City with journalists that looked a bit more diverse.

Using a Bone Growth Stimulator is a Non-Invasive Method to Aid Fracture Healing

What is a PEMF bone growth stimulator? How does it work? Have you heard of other people with SCI using one to heal fractures?

Nature’s Paparazzi

Wild creatures are very good at hiding themselves while watching us pass by. A great way to look deeper into their world is to set up trail cameras.

Champion Sleeper

Knowing when to head to the ER and when to pour yourself a stiff whiskey and call it a night is an essential skill.

New Mobility’s Biweekly Newsletter Updates – March 18, 2020

By Seth McBride|March 18th, 2020

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SCI/D Recommendations

The media is blanketed with coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, but relevant, disability-specific information is a lot more difficult to come by. Here’s a primer, updated as new info comes in, including what secondary complications put people with SCI/D at higher-risk, how to prevent infection and transmission, and how to find information you can trust.

Cancellations and Consequences

United Spinal Association recommends that its chapters suspend any social events, in-person peer visits and group activities. Many hospitals and rehabilitation centers, which frequently host United Spinal gatherings, are limiting or banning visitors at this time. The United team is also concerned about the risks posed to its members and all others who use homecare services since protective measures and virus-related illness may make it difficult for service to continue uninterrupted. The organization is asking anyone whose homecare services have been affected due to COVID-19 to contact United’s Resource Center.

Editor Ian Ruder: COVID-19 is No Laughing Matter

A few weeks ago, chuckling at the binge-buying of toilet paper (or kale, if you live in Portland) seemed like a reasonable response to COVID-19. It’s now clear that this pandemic is no laughing matter. “I think about all my friends and all the people like me who don’t fit neatly into the solutions currently on the table,” writes Ian Ruder. “If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that we need better plans and a larger discussion about how we propose to take care of all of our people.”

Your Questions Answered

New Mobility invites you to submit your disability-related questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. You can submit your question here, and it will be logged by our staff. We will research selected questions by speaking with relevant experts, and within the next few days, we’ll begin posting answers on newmobility.com. Check back often for updates.

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