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February 2021


2021 Consumer Guide: How to Reinvent Yourself

We broke down our annual product listings into seven categories and asked a peer from our community to helm each section. Think of them as guides to the Consumer Guide.


Refining Your Manual Wheelchair

Accessories and add-ons to improve our chair’s performance while reducing wear and tear on our bodies.

Making Technology Work For You

The smarter technology gets, the more overwhelming it is. But the right products and setups can put you back in control.

Five Tools to Increase Your Independence at Home

Sometimes the most useful gadget is also the simplest one with the least moving parts.


Reinventing Yourself

I can’t imagine where I’d be today if not for the countless ideas and suggestions I’ve received from fellow wheelchair users

Maximum Workout on a Minimalist Budget

Get fit without breaking the bank.

Rocking My Minivan

Take back the road with an accessible vehicle that makes you happy.

United Spinal Appoints New CEO

United Spinal Association’s board of directors appointed Vincenzo (Enzo) Piscopo president and CEO.

American Airlines Reverses Wheelchair Weight Limit Policy

American Airlines modified its policy that temporarily barred many power wheelchair users from flying.

‘Wheels on Campus’ Profiles Top 20 Wheelchair-Friendly Colleges

New Mobility has released the most comprehensive college guide for wheelchair users ever created.


A Year of Reckoning and Reflection

Take time to reflect on the things we can be thankful for, including our support systems and changemakers who push forward.

What to Watch: Cooking in a Wheelchair

New YouTube show, "Cooking in a Wheelchair," features "low-effort" meals.

When Dysreflexia Calls

Here comes autonomic dysreflexia. You know that feeling … for me it’s a little bit of metal in the mouth, a little bit of tingling on the back of your head … its AD on its way.

Other Recent Articles

Make Yourself a Media Mogul

It’s easier than ever to take a shot at becoming a social media star or simply to produce your story for an online audience.

Wheelchair Confidential: Nude Awakening

After a long day of delayed flights and BS, I ended up stuck with an unexpected overnight at a sketchy airport hotel. Exhausted, I fell asleep naked on...

Wheelchair Confidential: Love Hurts

I woke up one morning with a red, swollen knee that alarmed me enough to go to my doctor. During the exam, he got stressed and asked, “Are you having chest pains or trouble breathing?”

Products & Practices for Better Health

Mindful, alternative solutions to boost your body’s baselines and help you feel your best.

Our New Robot Overlords

Even the cripples who play it safe and become social workers and go to work for DVR and push the next generation of cripples to become social workers and go to work for DVR will probably be laid off and replaced by robots.

Meet in the Middle: COVID Travel Compromise

Here are four tips for hitting the road in the middle of a pandemic.

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