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September 2020


The Photo Issue

For the first time, we've decided to let the photos do the storytelling. Instead of our typical mix of features, we've assembled a package of diverse photo essays. Fewer words, more images, but the same New Mobility.


New Mobility Photo Contest Finalists

For this Instagram #RollUnited2020 photo contest, we asked our followers how they are handling the year of COVID.

Redefining Possible Revisited

Five years ago, Bear Gutierrez crafted an amazing series of photos of people with SCI. We revisit the portraits and catch up with his subjects.

Pro Tips to Turn Your Wheelchair Into a Mobile Photo Booth

Photographer Kirk Williams takes us behind the lens to show how he gets great images and how you can too.


Mastering Tricky Transfers

There’s perhaps no skill that can better increase your access to the great wide world than mastering the tricky transfer.

Paralympian/Occupational Therapist Kerri Morgan

With the 2020 Games postponed, Paralympian Kerri Morgan finds herself at a crossroads. But not for the reason you might expect.

Broke Ass And Crippled

If you’re crippled but not yet sufficiently broke ass enough to be invalidated, you will have to liquidate your way into invalidation.

Three Leaders Awarded $1 Million Nielsen Visionary Prize

Three SCI community leaders were awarded the $1 million Nielsen Visionary prize.

Lorenzo Milam, Unique Voice in the Disability Canon and Public Radio Pioneer: 1933-2020

Author and radio pioneer Lorenzo Milam has died at the age of 86.

CPR Advisor Course Now Available

If you don't have the function to perform CPR, this new advisor course may be for you.


Embracing ‘The Reveal’

I’ve gotten used to being looked at when I roll into a room in my wheelchair. The rise of video meetings has changed the way I enter a room.

ADA. The T-Shirt by Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man has designed a cool new T-shirt to celebrate the ADA's 30th Anniversary

Photograph Life as a Wheelchair User in 2020 and Win $500

Share a great photo that captures your 2020 experience and be part of our first-ever Photo Issue.

Other Recent Articles

The Work of Nolan Ryan Trowe

Nolan Ryan Trowe sustained an SCI in 2016 and has since built a powerful portfolio documenting the lives of people with SCI/D and other disabilities.

The Reset

Going from having our world set up the way we want it to losing almost everything within a few minutes was very humbling.

Wheelchair Confidential: Don’t Rub It In

Early in the quarantine, I ordered some new skincare products. A couple weeks later, one of my daytime caregivers ...

Pandemic ‘Success’

Finding ways to stay sane is more important than ever, and to my surprise, I’m finding solace in my nightly writing.

Black Lives Matter: Voices

I don't know if the injustice is due to my blackness or my disability.

News September 2020

Making Masks Accessible. D&D Combat Wheelchair Miniatures. Rising Phoenix on Netflix. Barbie's New Look.

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