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See the latest articles on topics related to someone using a wheelchair. 

October 2019


Untangling Spinal Cord Complications
No one wants to worry about losing more function or suffering from increased pain, but scar tissue and cysts in and on the spinal cord can cause just that for a small percentage of people with SCI

Rehab After Shoulder Surgery

The long road to recovery for four people who underwent surgery to repair their rotator cuffs.

Disability Advocacy Champion Marca Bristo: 1953 – 2019

The disability community lost one of its best when longtime activist Marca Bristo passed. Looking back at what made her so powerful.


Lawsuit Alleges ICE Mistreats Disabled Immigrant Detainees

The lawsuit claims disabled immigrant detainees are being denied access to healthcare and mobility equipment.

Getty and Verizon Media Offer New Disability Photography Grant

Calling all disabled photographers — if you’re looking for a way to influence how the [...]


Businessman and Inventor Stefan Henry

Stefan Henry lives a dual life that Tony Stark would envy: CEO of an assistive device company by day, designer/inventor by night.

Research Matters

How does spinal cord injury research get paid for? It’s an issue I’ve been trying to understand for the better part of two decades.

Manu Heras, Intrepid Explorer

In the past five years Manu Heras has hitchhiked, “frontpacked” and van-camped through all the continents except Antarctica.


The Experience of Falconry

Who needs an aerie when you’ve got a wheelchair?

When the Nightmare of an Airline Losing Your Wheelchair Comes True

The biggest travel fear is an airline losing your wheelchair or damaging it.

Heartbreak and Hope

When a good personal care attendant leaves me, I’m heartbroken.

Other Recent Articles

Recovering from Bed Confinement

My first priority was to regain the range of motion I had lost in my arms and shoulders, critical for transferring and wheeling.

Bird is the Word

Birdability founder Virginia Rose is passionate about birds, nature and the trails that lead to both, and she is certain there’s at least one disabled person like her in most cities.

Marxism for Dummies

Socialism is what gets me out of bed every day. If getting me out of bed was left up to the greedy pigs, I’d have no choice but to check into one of the nursing home chains they own, without possibility of parole.

To China and Back for Syrinx Surgery

Ali Ingersoll went to China because she feared a cyst would destroy her quality of life. She shares the good, the bad and the weird that came from her sojourn abroad.

Writing with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, TextExpander and CoWriter

As a writer with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, who types with one finger, I use a combination of apps.

The Summer of My Discontent

As the leaves start to turn and the days grow shorter, I find myself daydreaming about the idyllic days of early summer; back when I could count on the sun to warm my quad bones late into the night; back when I had a full stable of excellent doctors I could rely on.

Wheelchair Confidential

When I was first injured back in the mid-2000s, I did not have enough finger dexterity to dial my cell phone well. Instead, I used a Motorola phone that allowed me to make calls by saying “abracadabra.” It was a lot like summoning Siri, only it kept mistakenly activating phone calls.

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