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Support for paralyzed survivors of gun violence

In 2021, in an effort to help address disparities in services and supports provided to people with spinal cord injuries from gun shots, the Rochester Spinal Association began a social/support group for people in this group. The value of this group for its participants is immeasurable.

Recognition of the dramatic impacts of poverty, substandard housing, systemic racism, poor health literacy, and many social determinants of health helped RSA understand how much more needed to be done.

After the initial success of the social/support group, RSA received a small grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation to expand our group nationally. With these funds, RSA hired two peers from the existing group to be daily hosts.

In order to do more for people with spinal cord injuries in the greater Rochester area, RSA applied for and received funding to hire social work staff. Thanks to funding from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, RSA now provides service coordination for individuals in the greater Rochester area who have spinal cord injuries due to gun violence. If you fit this description and are interested in discussing what RSA can do for you, please call 585 234 3269 or E-mail

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